FW: Boxcar details and paint, series GN 20500-21449

Steve Haas


Here's some info that may help you out:

3) All in this series had the 5 panel Superior Door.
5) Build date for series 20500 - 21499 is 1952.
6) Yup - that's original paint. Consider also Microscale 87-185.

For references:

Mainline Modeler - 9/85, 11/2001, 12/2001
RMJ - 10/1998

IIRC, the Mainline articles are your better bet - the RMJ article was mostly
about a Duane Buck customization of an Intermountain 10' 12 panel car, but
might have had photos of the 10' 6" car.

Best starting point - C&BT 10'6" 12-panel car* with 4/3/1 ends. Throw away
the details and replace with appropriate details from Plano, Branchline,

* At some point in the past there was discussion of Branchline bringing out
a 10' 6" 12-panel car. I'm not aware of this happening, but if it did, it
might well be a better choice.

Ping me if you need more.

Best regards,

Steve Haas
Sammamish, WA