McMaster Carr


I've used McMasters for over 25 years, mostly for my employers but
i've had some home deliveries too.

They are expensive but you can expect delivery quickly.

They have a lot of items and multiple warehouses but they are not all
inclusive. I found items not included in the McMasters catalog (I
remember small hose clamps but there were others) in an industrial
supplier in Ridgefield, NJ.

A couple of items you should consider if you put in an order with
McMasters -

* machine screws for attaching trucks. I got boxes of 100 for about
$2.50/box (more now). They are not self cutting like the screws
Athearn traditionally provided but I never had any thouble in casting
resin if I drilled a pilot hole.
* Soft iron wire (smallest size which was .014 inches {14 mils}.1
roll has been a life time supply. The roll I have is uniformerly flat
black but larger sizes aren't. This makes nice grab irons. It was
perfect for Intermountain SFRD reefers
* mold release in aerosol cans for casting