ADMIN: The NMRA and Re: New Standards for Freight Cars Models

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Kurt Laughlin says:

"If I'm proposing anything it's that
the luminaries in Prototype Modeling Community do it themselves and ignore the NMRA altogether. Write up what you think needs to be standardized and
send it out to the manufacturers and tell them why it's important and
desirable for them to conform. Send it to the magazines and tell them to
publish them and explain why the new standards are important. Post it the
STMFC Files section and on the historical societies' modeling pages. Do the work, make the case, spread the word."

That's fine. As far as I can tell, anyone of the members of the STMFC are free to propose standards about virtually anything. In fact, one standard that I proposed several yrs ago was a common nomenclature to describe box car doors. Alas, there was no support from the members. Anyhow, before our luminaries "do it themselves and ignore the NMRA", you might want to read the 28 pg document regarding Proto Scale and Fine Scale wheels and track standards written by Ed McCamey with support from quite a few others. You can find it at:

And,'s an NMRA document.

You still have not indicated what standards you refer to but, since track and wheel standards are associated with frt car activities, the door is now open to discuss actual NMRA standards that ARE associated with frt opposed to other aspects of the NMRA. Discussions of other aspects will get you a ride to Moderate Jail.

Mike Brock

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

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You still have not indicated what standards you refer to . . .
I don't know either. I'M not the one upset that the NMRA hasn't issued
revised Standards, nor have I ever said that any Standards are needed.
I did quote two messages from people who DO have strong opinions about
model railroading Standardization. I suggest you ask them what THEY
were talking about.