FW: Andy Sperandeo

Tim O'Connor

Andy's a long time member of this list, and I thought most
of us will want to wish Andy a swift and full recovery.

Tim O'Connor

*Paul Catapano says: received this from Andy tonight:*

Hello all,

Again, please excuse this group mailing, but I wanted
to let you all know that I'm going in for my cancer
surgery on Monday. The surgeon will remove my left lung,
but I expect a good outcome overall. I saw an
oncologist last Monday to make sure that surgery was the best
option, and I'm now convinced that it is. The form of
cancer that I have is pretty rare, and it's one that
doesn't respond to chemotherapy and is affected only
slightly by radiation. That makes surgery the best if
not the only choice, and the long-term survival rates
after surgery to remove this cancer are very good. I
don't have all the e-mail addresses that I have at work
on file here at home, so if you know of anyone who'd
be interested who isn't on this mailing list, feel free
to let them know. I'll be a Waukesha Memorial
Hospital once again, but I expect to be home by Friday at the

I'll be seeing you,