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With this understanding, you can expand your roster of boxcars to
well more
than what's on the layout (we all do that anyway), keeping the more
road names in place (perhaps changing cars) and then cycling in and
out lots
of the smaller roads so that over a period of time, what's seen on the
layout is a fairly uniform distribution of boxcars per the national

Good point! I have always heard over at the LDSig that you can never
have enough staging, and this is a good reason to add some extra
storage tracks. I've been careful to design in enough covered staging
so I can store every train off-layout (during periods of dusty
construction/expansion), but hadn't thought about an extra pool of
boxcars to cycle the rare cars so that I can keep trains from looking
a little too repetitive, or deviant ;-) (from a type and herald

Dave Evans