The Keystone Modeler - 2008

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And now, a break from the Freight Car Distribution Debate...

I've been extremely remiss about posting articles of interest in The
Keystone Modeler as it comes out - for those of you who haven't
checked out the PRRT&HS website lately, here are STMFC articles of
interest that have appeared so far this year:

August 2008
"Walthers N6B, Corrected and Backdated" by Ed Walters
"Modeling the Pennsylvania Railroad's Box Car Fleet Part 8 - The
Pennsy's X26C Class - The Sunshine Resin Kit" by Elden Gatwood
"Building the TM8 (AC&F Type11) Tank Car" by Bruce F. Smith

July 2008
"More 2008 Annual Meeting Model Photos" by Elden Gatwood
"PRRPro Class X31 Preliminary Feature" by Al Buchan

June 2008
"[Modeling the Pennsylvania Railroad's Box Car Fleet Part 7 - ]
Scratchbuilding a PRR Class XI Furniture Car" by David J. Vinci
"2008 Annual Meeting Contest Winners" by Elden Gatwood

May 2008
"Modeling the Pennsylvania Railroad's Box Car Fleet Part 6 – Class
X51 Prototype Overview" by Ben Hom
"Modeling the Pennsylvania Railroad's Box Car Fleet Part 6A -
Modeling HO scale PRR Class X51 Boxcars" by Tom Haag

April 2008
"Modeling the Pennsylvania Railroad's Gondola Fleet Part 18-2 – The
G28 Class Gondola Variants" by Jack Consoli
"National Car Company 37' Meat Refrigerator Car - A kitbash of the
Accurail wood reefer" by Bruce F. Smith

Winter 2008 Special Issue:
"The Wood Sheathed Cars of the FGEX/WFEX/BREX Freight Refrigerator
Fleet: 1940-1953" by Bill Welch

March 2008
"Product Review HO-scale InterMountain Fruit Growers Express 40-foot
Wood-Sheathed Refrigerator Car" by Bill Welch

February 2008
"Modeling PRR N5C 477929" by David Skirmont
"Modeling PRR Class F30A Flat Car 474489" by Jack Burgess

January 2008
"Here's What I'm Modeling - HO-Scale PRR Freight Cars" by John Golden

Each of these issues can be downloaded free of charge at

CDs of past issues (only the past 12 months' issues are on the
website) are available; ordering information is on the last page of
any issue of TKM.

Ben Hom