[HOsteam] FYI - News: Oso has acquired NorthWest Short Line


For anyone interested in the fate of NorthWest Short Line products, I am forwarding this.

Mike Wilson
Terre Haute, IN

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News: Oso has acquired NorthWest Short Line
Posted by: "David Rygmyr" davidry@... david_rygmyr
Date: Thu Aug 28, 2008 3:47 pm ((PDT))

Some of you have been wondering about the fate of NWSL, with founder Raoul
Martin looking to retire. I'm pleased to announce that Oso has acquired NWSL
in its entirety, and we've already moved part of the business from Seattle,
WA to Hamilton, MT, with the rest to follow within a couple of weeks. As you
may know, NWSL product availability has been waning over the last few years,
the result of attrition and of Raoul's retirement plans. We plan to reverse
that (after the dust settles, give us a while...) and do our best to get the
entire line back in production and available again.

To help with news and announcements, we finally got around to getting a real
mailing list package and we've added it to our websites. If you're
interested, please go to www.osorail.com or www.nwsl.com (both feed the same
list) and sign up. If you signed up on our old list, it wouldn't hurt to
sign up again since the import process wasn't exactly smooth.

Many of you have also been asking about the Shay book, which remains a
priority for us but remains a big, slow behemoth. Also, because Shay
enthusiasts tend to be fairly intense, we're doing all we can to be as
accurate as possible when we go to press to avoid a legion of pitchforks and
torches. That said, we're trying to wrap that portion up fairly soon, which
will give us some tangible pieces to work with. Please stay tuned, and note
that we'll be using the new mailing list thing to make announcements.


Dave Rygmyr
NorthWest Short Line (www.nwsl.com)
Oso Publishing & Evergreen Hill Designs (www.osorail.com)

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