Atlas 1932 ARA Boxcar

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Before you go repainting them... if these are the MP (I-GN) cars I believe that the tack boards SHOULD be black (Ed Hawkins will no doubt correct me if I'm wrong).

FWIW, looking at the photos in Ted C's book it seemed to me that there were two and three board tack boards, depending on the roads. If I had origonal shots I would be more confident, but that's what I believe I was seeing. The I-GN car seemed to be a two board car.

I picked up an MEC and an I-GN car. On the MEC car I replaced the tack boards with Branchline pieces (had a few kicking around!) which involved cutting the mounting bosses off of the end and door, added A-line sill steps and replaced the cut bars with wire (I felt the originals were too thick). I also swapped the trucks out so that I could use our code .088 wheels (Atlas uses a much shorter axle length and I don't have a Reboxx dealer nearby). Other than that, a quick weathering job and its on the layout. I plan on making most of these changes to the I-GN car as well...

Bill Schneider

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The tackboards, being black, stick out drawing attention to their inaccuracy. They have a pin in the back of them that hold them to the car. However, a quick paint job to make them the same color as the car and the discrepancy goes away for the average modeler. I did not try to replace them at this point, just paint them (too many other projects on my work table). I also replaced the 2-piece Atlas coupler with Kadee whisker 58s.

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> I've seen only limited discussion on the new Atlas 1932 boxcars. How
> is the level of detailing? Any blatant inaccuracies?

Recently there was a brief discussion here, which mostly questioned
the two-board tackboards. But while we're on the subject, I have to
question Atlas's choice of road names. The only ones I'm even
remotely, and I mean remotely, interested in are CofG and MEC. If they
had offered WM, C&O or Seaboard in the first run, they would have sold
a car or three to me already. But, Warrior River Terminal???

Walt Lankenau