Prices from China are rocketing - some intelligence

Bob McCarthy

     The mighty Central of Georgia is being modeled in the 1950's in scale S.  Note not Flyer, etc, etc.  I can tell you that prices have been rising in prebuilt cars for the last twelve months, but now the importers are having to pass along, rather than absorb the continuing price increases over the past year. 
     At present on recently landed 50Ton open two bay hoppers in scale S, the current increase is $7.00 per car retail.  In January an additional increase of 10% is coming.  This is affecting all items sourced in China. Example:  Woodland Scenics, etc.
     My recommendation is, if you want something - buy it now.  It will only get worse from here.  Jim King, Smokey Mountain Model Works, Inc. believes some production is going to be driven back here when you start adding higher shipping costs to increasing Chinese pro- duction costs.

Just what I know as of 2326 Hrs on Tuesday 14.10.08.
Bob McCarthy
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C'mon, guys, get real about prices. I have it on good authority from
a manufacturer who prefers not to be quoted that the cost of
everything in China - molding, assembly, packaging - is going up
rapidly, and gets higher every week. It won't be long before
assembled HO scale freight car models will be selling in the $40-$50
Could there be an upside to this? Such as a possible resurgence of
kits vs. rtr, if assembly starts to cost too much over there?

Walt Lankenau