model RR costs


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I do have to express considerable surprise at a
$30 price for 1 flatcar
I too am surprised at the steadily increasing cost of model railroad

Last Saturday afternoon I went into Trainland in Lynbrook. Their
shelves very fully stocked with $20+ RTR freight cars including new
blue box with cellophane windows and new P2K assembled cars.

I thought the stored might be jammed but there was only one other

I overheard the owner telling the other customer that most modelers had
been in the hobby for years and no one wanted to assemble kits any more.

I'll bet most modelers have a whole closet full of kits. Why buy more
boxes to put in the closet when you can buy nice built up models to
display on the shelf?

Years ago when the first custom screened Athearn cars came out I heard
the following conversation - "Bob, how about a box
car?","Sure", "B&O?", "Yep", "CEntral Valley Trucks?", nods
yes, "Kadees?" "yep", salesman went in the back, spray painted the
weight and assembled the car. A three dollar car became a $15 car.
The customer? A guy who stood behind the counter at the post office and
lived in an appartment. Money burned a hole in his pocket. His work on
the trainset was to buy something new every week.

A interesting thing happens when the model railroader gets bored and
finally trys to assemble those kits. The model is a mess by the time
he's through with it.

How about those $40 Red Caboose stock cars?

Let's hope there are still some moderately price train sets around to
bring new blood into the hobby.