NC&StL boxcars 13500-15099; SS, DS or both?

laramielarry <ostresh@...>

Hi Folks

An article by Martin Lofton, "NC&StL Box car - 36 foot steel rebuilds"
(MM, July 1990), says: "The NC&StL rebuilt the 36' cars in their shops
from 1939 through 1947 with most of the cars completed in the pre-war
period. The cars were originally Fowler design boxcars of the 13500-
15099 series. They had been constructed by the road in the period from
1909 through 1913."

However, a builder's photo from American Car and Foundry (Westerfield
CD, photo 5372) shows car 13500, build date 1909, and it is clearly
double sheathed. The lot list shows that AC&F built 100 of these
cars. (In 1932, there were 1,355 cars in the series 13599-15099.
Their dimensions agree exactly with the ones shown in the photograph.)
Does anyone know whether the series contained both DS and SS cars?

Larry Ostresh
Laramie, Wyoming