S scale SR waffle boxes all shipped

Jim King

To those who ordered the new S scale Southern Ry. 1973 50' waffle side
boxcar kit, I thank you. All shipments have been made with the last 3 going
out yesterday. For your convenience, the 8-page instruction "booklet" has
been uploaded to the waffle web page in .pdf format.

Next kits will be the SR 1951 pulpwood rack in Roman and Block font. Get
your deposits to me as soon as you can in order to ensure prompt delivery.

All kits decals are available separately at $6 each postpaid in the "Lower
48". There will be a separate web page created soon listing decals and
detail parts.

The GE 70-tonner will follow the wood rack in January or February.

Jim King

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.