The Shake N Take clinic 1st update

Greg Martin

Here is the first update:


On November 17th I wrote:

"This years project will be a bit of a tougher challenge than those of the
past. In order to keep this a bit more manageable this year we are going to
reduce the number of those that can actually participate as the kits are far
more limited than in the past."

Now that the project we've selected is underway on my end, my resin masters
are off to the producer, I am willing to let you all know the scope of the
project. Some from this list have been aware of the subject and have been good
about keeping it quite. You know who you are.

The Project was kicked around longer than normal this year and the
suggestion was offered by Jim Singer the feasibility was reviewed by our own Richard
Hendrickson prior. It will be the Union Pacific RR S-40-10/11 stock car as
rebuilt from the B-50-11 and A-50-4 in the mid and late 1930s. So the project
will offer some interesting variations. The car will be converted from the
ACCURAIL GN stock car. There will be resin ends for both the boxcar version as
well as the Auto Boxcar version. I will present it as a simplified version
with a very basic conversion (The Streamliner Version) or the full blown
conversion with the (The Challenger Version)?new ends. It is as very interesting car
in that the car not only served in general service but in DLS (daylight Live
Stock service) as well. The Live Stock Service car was restricted to Salt
Lake City service (we'll offer and interesting twist for the PRR Modeler to
this as well) to Los Angeles.

Dr. Denny Anspach will be working up a?presentation for the ACCURAIL "Scale"
coupler for the conversion as well. John Greedy has worked up a historical
data?handout for the?car type as well, with a good photo.

Let me remind you all that this years clinic will be far more restricted
than in years past so when this list is full we'll leave room for a few walk-in
non- Internet connected modelers at the door. Our clinic is just before lunch
on Friday the 9th and will not be repeated.

Here's the current list"

1.) Armend Premo
2.) Dr. Denny Anspach
3.) Tony Thompson
4.) Mont Switzer
5.) Schuyler Larrabee
6.) John Greedy
7.) William Bell
8.) Jeff Alley
9.) Mike Brock (if we can get him to stand still for 5 minutes)
10.) Gary Laakso
11.) Roger Hinman
13.) Richard Hendrickson
14.) Paul Lyons
15.) Bruce Smith

Again, I want to thank Richard Hendrickson Again, I want to thank Richard
Hendrickson <WBR>for the encouragement to push forward on this project, his
initial photos made it all come together and Jeff Alley provided additional
pieces to

Greg Martin

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