Meat Packers

S hed <shed999@...>

I've created a new folder called "US Meat Packers" and put some of my Armour, Morris, and Wilson stuff in there. And most of my stuff concerns Oklahoma City that I have collected from various sources.

If someone has information about Cudahy, Switft, Oscar Meyer, or any other meat packer than that would be a great folder to put it in.

Steve Hedlund
Everett, WA
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Douglas Harding <dharding@...>

Steve some great photos. The one of the ex Lackawanna stockcars was not fully loaded, can only see a partial image. Could you
reload that photo? You might also want to join the Bullshippers yahoo group, where discussion is focused "This group collects and shares information
about railroad livestock and meat transportation and the rolling stock, facilities and operations which supported it. This group
covers any railroad in North America, plus the meat packing business."

I would also suggest, as all your files are photos ie jpgs, that you reload your photos in the group photo section. You used all
the available space in the file section, while the group photo section has 100gb's available. Yahoo recently changed the photos
section, allow much more space and permitting original size images to be viewed (ie no more reducing of image sizes).

I, for one, am very interested if what you are posting.

Doug Harding