Lindberg Line

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi List Members,

I found the builders photo in 1931 CBC (TSC #46) page 221.

Nothing in the 1925 CBC as far as I could see.

- Claus Schlund

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...The gon is an Erie prototype, 2000 built by Standard Steel Car
Co. in
1923-1924. 749 were rebuilt with sawtooth hoppers in 1934. Richard
Reichenbach's did an article on these cars in a past issue of the
ELHS' publication. (My photocopy of the article has the date cut
off. Maybe one of the Erie guys can help you out with the date of
the article.) The 1925 CBC also has a builders photo of these cars.
These were large gons - 44 ft IL - and were used mainly for hauling

Original numbers were 43000-44999. The 749 cars rebuilt into quad
hoppers got the letter H prefixed to their numbers. From late 1937
to mid-1939 600 cars were rebuilt with drop doors removed and solid
steel floors and AB air brakes applied. They were renumbered
45000-45599 and, with some judicious re-detailing, can be modeled
with the Lindberg/Mantua models.

Richard Hendrickson

David North <davenorth@...>

Thanks guys.

I'll take a look at a UP CA-1 caboose and check the fidelity of the Revell