"Post-ban" lettering for an ACF "Type II" reefer.

Rob M.

Good Evening,

I'm trying to finally finish my O scale Larry Muir ACF reefer, which
according to my fine Westerfield reference, appears to have the
physical characteristics of an AC&F "type II" car. Does anyone have
leads on where I might find some post-billboard-ban URTC lettering
for these cars? After I bought the car many moons ago I
inadvertantly bought a Westerfield type III car for the fine
documentation that Al includes in his car. Unfortunately the kit
data sheet, "North Western Variations" is geared for the type III
cars and not the URTC builds. I searched my Gene Green book, the
Hendrickson/Kaminski book, The Great Yellow Fleet" and perhaps 6
xerox boxes of magazines, of which included the 'Essential Freight
cars # 29' article on the ACF cars and couldn't come up with any URTC
post-ban car pictures. I've found a few RR leased cars and some NWX
photos that would do and the but nothing for any of the generic URTC
non-RR leased cars.

Lots o billboards but no plain Janes...

Does any one have any leads?

Thanks Much!

Rob Mondichak.