B&O Time-Saver slogan patch panel M-26b boxcar availalble

James Mischke <jmischke@...>

Some Red Caboose B&O M-26b boxcars in the red "Time-Saver
Service" slogan lettering scheme have been imported, both as
ready-to-run boxcars and unassembled kits. This scheme was
lettered by B&O car shops between 1957 and 1962. Like the
companion lettering Sentinel Service slogan boxcars offered last
year, these feature repair patch panels common in their later life.

There are three outlets for these boxcars:

- As previously announced to the membership, the B&OHS Company
Store will have several exclusive road numbers for kits and
ready-to-run. I understand their kits may be sold out in
advance, they will have plenty of ready-to-run boxcars on hand.
Web site is www.borhs.org, click on Company Store.

- A new internet vendor, Keyser Car Shops, will have eight road
numbers of ready to run boxcars. Web site is
www.keysercarshops.com, which will be ready shortly.

- As Panther Hollow Press, I will have a limited number of
unassembled kits available in eight road numbers for those (like
me) who prefer to build boxcar kits themselves and roll their
own cigarettes. Contact me off list.

Privately arranged for, these boxcars are not part of the
regular Red Caboose product line and will not be readily
available in retail hobby shops.

I hope these boxcars will be joyfully operated on many layouts.