FW: DL&W 18000 series hoppers

Schuyler Larrabee

You can see below that I mentioned email problems in my attempt to reply to this question earlier
today . . .

Here is another attempt to get this to the list, and to Ed. I'll be interested to see if this gets
through the process.


Hi Bud,

Timely question here, as I'm having some trouble with my email account, not getting all the
messages, and this one, which I picked off the STMFC home page, is a case in point,

So, yeah, yeah, get to the point!

Those cars measure 47'- 03/4" over buffers according to the diagram which I will forward to you
off-list later today..

Note that these cars will be available as a resin kit in the not too terribly distant future, in
part due to assistance from a couple of members of this list. I am not in control of that
but I've been pushing for it for a couple of years.


I am looking for info, or plans for the Lackawanna RR 18000-18999 series covered hoppers blt
Oct '56. I have
conflicting information on the length, one source says 41' another 47'. Any help?
Bud Rindfleisch

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