[CDN-frt-cars-n-ops] True Line Trains "slabside" covered hoppers


In the last years of operation, the CN slabside covered hoppers were
used in grain service into our local elevator in Owen Sound for
hauling export grain. I don't know what other services they were
used in at that time. Previous to this they were used for cement
Lime, soda ash and other similar services. I'm not sure if any were
used in tat period for grain service..

Thge first slab side cars I remember at the elevator were CP cars
that were used hauling grain to the mill in Streetsville ON, 108
miles down the line. As well Hanover grain was moved in these
cars. This would be around 1965 I believe.

Prior to this boxcars were the norm. Salt was another later use,
post 1960 era. 1959 era photos show box cars only loading salt at
the Goderich ON mine, I expect cement and lime were main assignments
for tese cars at this time.

The question is, there is a lot of research that needs to be done to
determine where these cars were used at various times in their
careers. What info can we put together to untangle the story of
where these cars wer used?

I hope that others might have some info to fill the voids!

Peter Bowers
Canadian Freight Cars and Operations List

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Ross McLeod <cdnrailmarine@...>

Ken Goslett wrote an extensive article on these cars in the August 1986 Railroad Model Craftsman and coauthored a kitbash article in RMC September 1986 - includes some photos.
........."Canadian railways were home to over 2700 cars  including two private cars (CGLX) - grain, feed, cement, potash. 1800 said to be on the rooster in 1986. 
Ross McLeod Calgary

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