B&O wagontop box is next

Jim King

I'm starting the HO and S scale patterns for the B&O "wagontop" M53 boxcar
late next week. The HO version will be offered thru Wright Trak Models with
a target release date of late June. The S version will follow shortly
behind. Contact Gary Wright directly for info on the HO version.

The S scale version will retail for $80 and includes our standard 1-pc body
with separate underframe (of the Duryea flavor) and Kadee 802s. Due to
availability problems, I am no longer offering trucks but am contemplating
producing my own ASF/Bettendorf style trucks if there is demand (make your
voices heard!).

Jim King

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.


Thomas Baker


As you have heard before, I will be looking forward to the M-53 box car, finally a model of the car in affordable plastic. You will not hear from me immediately in June because I will be taking 15 high-school students through Germany, Austria, quickly through France, and through Spain and will only be back in the States on June29. By that time, the box car should be on the market.

Then there will be that SAL turtleback car, right?

And then the Milwaukee rib side, right? I hope anyway.