Gene, I read your captions

Jim & Lisa Hayes <jimandlisa97225@...>

Gene, I have your Refrigerator Car Color Guide. I can't say I've read all
the captions. I can say that I've browsed them all and in those sections of
the book of particular interest to me, I have read ALL the captions and I
find them valuable.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

rockroll50401 <cepropst@...>

Gene's email is the only one of this thread I've read.

I don't know if this error in is Gene's count of errors in his M&StL book, but on page...who knows? Cause the pages aren't numbered! Anyway; in the Mason City section there's a iconic Soph Marty photo of an Alco at the 8th St SE crossing with three crewman and a kid on a bike. The caption states two of the crew are Mark Propst and Pat Shannon. Pat was on the Job 3 crew, but not in the photo. the other two men are Dick Calahan(on engine)and Jack Downs(on the ground). But, like Gene says, who cares?

I do think that the information in Gene's CGW book is the benchmark for such books. I'm always disappointed at other 'color books' because they lack the depth of information. Thanks much for that book Gene.

Gene's reefer book is another 'must have'. We found a possible error in that one. Middle photo on page 11 is credited to Russ F Munroe. This photo is in the Soph Marty collection. Maybe Soph traded with Mr Munroe?

I also have Gene's CNW company photos book, cause I'm a big fan of Gene's books, also we would visit Paul Bunyan every summer.

Clark Propst