[P_and_LE] P&LE Pipe Gons / Integral Cover Gons

Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Dave, Allen;

Sorry, I do not know of any source for those drawings, but I have a friend
that upgraded one of the breadbox cars, and found that the basic car was
pretty accurate. He just upgraded the details and added piping and such. He
did a set of decals, that I unfortunately never got a copy of. He also did a
B&LE car. Both turned out very nice.

I have also been stymied on several P&LE gon projects by the lack of decals.
You can use the Champ set, but it is not accurate for dimensional and weight
data (for the cars I wanted to do), so you may have to splice. No, it does
not contain any special data, like the "PIPE..." or container info, which is
what put my project on hold. I guess I could piece it together, but I have
less aggravating things to do.

The LifeLike Proto2000 Greenville gon is accurate for the P&LE's orders, with
the exception that the majority of P&LE cars had ladders instead of grabs on
the sides, and most P&LE gons had steel floors (8000-8499, 9000-10499,
10500-10999, 11000-11499, 12000-12999, 13000-13999), which you can see in the
photos on RPCyc and the P&LE gon book by Jack Polaritz. Series 40000-40999,
43000-43499 had wood floors. I cannot remember right now if 41000-41999 were
the nailable steel-floored cars, but of that series, 41091 and others had
"racks" for coil steel. I fabricated a steel floor from .005" sheet and
pounce wheeled the rivets (it's not like the floor is going to be that
critical as far as rivets go), and laminated it to the "wood" floor. The
P&LE nailable steel flooring cars you can simulate by dry-brushing steel over
a painted floor using the floor that comes with the kit. The spacing of the
"boards" is similar to the wood floor. 43000-43499 all had blocking and
steel covers for bar steel; 43000-43104 had bulkheads; 43250-43269 did not,
but also had cushioned underframes. 43500-43999 also had blocking and steel
covers, but set up for coil loading.

P&LE also had several groups of USRA steel gons, which Westerfield did one of
(the flat drop end cars), that also contains very nice decals for the early
scheme. I built one of these and it turned out very nice. Unfortunately, he
did not do the later, and more common, drop end with the reinforcement panel
at the bottom. I would have liked that car, too, but Al told me he just got
tired of doing those cars and never finished that one.

Those two types of gons dominated the P&LE gon fleet until the mid-late 60's,
when they started ordering new ones, and got some from Despatch Shops. The
tall bulkhead end cars are part of these later groups, although there were
some earlier conversions they did on earlier cars.

The 65' gons included series 16000-16499 and 49000-49499. I do not know of
any kit that matches these cars.

There was a group of Greenvilles (13165, 13211, 13511, 13650, 13878) that got
fitted for Youngstown coke containers, that I built, but have no decals to
finish. I used the Walthers coke containers, but do not have the small P&LE
lettering needed to finish them.

I have not checked out the Modeler's Choice decals, but plan to order some to
see how usable they are.

Elden Gatwood

I would be interested in the answer to Dave's original questions.

P&LE ? Gons ? Sounds very ON topic to me !

May we post directly to the group site about this?


Allen Smithee
California, U.S.A.

I've seen a few nice photos of P&LE bulkhead gons on this
group. I'd like to model some of these, covered gons and perform some heavy
modificaitons to the AHM / Bachman Integral Cover Gons to make them look more
realistic and prototypical. Are there any diagrams floating around out there
that show how the underframes and bulkheads were fabricated? Sizes and
locations of structural members? Also, doesn't seem like there's too many
good decals out there for P&LE gondolas. Any idea who has correct white
lettering for the mentioned gons, including "CHUSHION UNDERFRAME" and "PIPE

Thanks for any information.