ADMIN: Caveat Emptor = NOT.

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Hey guys...heads up. Note STMFC Assistant Judge Jeff Aley's decree that discussion regarding tax issues is out of scope. Now...some of you might not realize that Jeff IS my assistant and his decrees need to be honored, and that's OK...this time. And, heck, you might have missed his statement...and that's OK.

However, I am now officially terminating the "Caveat Emptor" thread and any other comments about tax issues. Continuing to send messages to this thread is not OK. Guess I 'll have to get the keys to Moderate Jail.

Hmmm. I haven't been down to the jail lately. Wow...some of the inmates are getting rather old...long white hair and all. We don't do haircuts of course. I guess I should have brought some food with me. Wonder what their offenses were? Oh well...long as there's room for more down here I guess it doesn't really matter.

Mike Brock