ADMIN: Caveat Emptor: Strange happenings on the STMFC

Westerfield <westerfield@...>

Mike - Sorry, I responded to the thread before getting down to the warning. - Al Westerfield

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Strange morning. The policy that Head Judge and sometimes not benevelent dictator of the STMFC ...follow is to issue two warnings before escorting to Moderate Jail members that ignore the warnings. I give members a period of time...usually over they'll have time to see my warning messages. In the case of Caveat Emptor, my message was the second, the one from the Assistant Judge Jeff Aley being the first.

Sooo, I managed to open the jail's door...rusty hinges and all...this morning, and managed to find room for two new "guests".

Given that the food in Moderate Jail has not improved over the last several yrs...basically since there hasn't been any...I suggest that members watch for ADMIN messages. And, regretfully, I tend to forget why some people are still in the jail. Oh well...

Mike Brock
STMFC Owner and Head Judge