NC&StL Steel Open Hoppers

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As I was looking for the article on NC&StL container gons, I ran across my information on their steel hoppers.

The NC&StL mostly used steel coal hoppers from the 1920s to their merger with the L&N in 1957. So here is a basic look at their steel coal hopper fleet.


HM10 47000-47099 76000-76106 100 PSC 1921 2-Bay USRA Copy

HM11 47100-47224 " " - " " 125 AC&F 1926 2-Bay USRA Copy

HM12 48000-48049 85600-85648 50 Pullman Sep 29

HM13 46200-46234 35 Pullman

HM14 48100-48299 72200-72397 200 Pullman Jul 41 2-Bay Offset, Shields

HM15 48300-48499 88800-88994 200 Pullman Dec 44 2-Bay Offset

HM16 48500-48799 88500-88793 300 Pullman Aug 47 2-Bay Offset

HM17 47500-47999 88000-88494 500 Pullman May 49 2-Bay Offset

HM 46500-46899 85200-85582 400 Pullman 1953 PS-3

In HO-scale, you can either use a Tichy or Accurail USRA to model the HM10 and HM11 classes. The 2-Bay offset hoppers are the AAR Standard type and you can use either the Athearn, Atlas, or Kadee cars. For the PS-3, the Walthers (ex-TMI) car is a perfect match.

I have not seen pictures of the HM12 and HM13 cars so I am going by the car drawings so I am not sure right now what you could use for these cars. Does anyone have any additional information on the HM11 and HM12 cars?

Now all of these models are good stand-ins and if you want a 100% accurate car than you will have to add wire grabs, door locks, and the like. The PS-3 model needs a lot of work but will look really good once it has been upgraded, painted, decaled, and weathered.

Decals for the 2-bay offset and the PS-3 cars are already available by Curt Fortenberry of North Pole, Alaska. These sets are 100% accurate and are based on builder's photos and with help from the L&N Historical Society. Each set will letter a 2-Bay offset and a PS-3 hopper.

Here is the web link to his website:

He also has decals for L&N, Georgia, Western Railway of Alabama, and Clinchfield hoppers.

- Steve H, Everett, WA

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