Errata sheets and KITS


Hi group-
I read this site's daily updates with great interest. It is SO beneficial
to be able to interact with the big names of model railroading and authors
and people who are just so darned smart. And just plain NICE people!
Thanks and keep it up.

After reading the flurry of comments on the Sunshine kits (I only have the
vinegar car which took about a year to get built), I think a great place
for errata (not just Sunshine kits) would be a folder on our newsgroup site,
open to the public. That might draw more people to the site.

As for the manufacturers who continue to make KITS, please keep it up. It
is increasingly more frustrating to have to buy and disassemble RTRs in
order to build it into what I wanted.

Thanks for all you do
Chris Tilley
_LTCTilley@aol.com_ (