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This message was posted on the Union Pacific list can anyone help out??


Union Pacific has donated GS gondola UP 61078 to the Pacific Locomotive Association. It has been moved recently to the PLA's Niles Canyon Railway in Sunol, CA. This car had sat for a number of years in Eugene, OR. I'm new to the list so I hope you guys can help me. I maintain the roster for the PLA and I'm looking for any information you can give on this car. I need the following info:

UP class:
Year built:

If any extra info such as what year it was upgraded with roller bearing trucks or operational history is available, I can include that info too. The little bit of info I have found on-line shows two different paint schemes. One with a small UNION PACIFIC over the reporting marks (see the Red Caboose HO scale model) and as it is painted today with a big UNION PACIFIC centered on the side. When did UP go to the big lettering? I also saw a model where the ends
were black and the sides boxcar red (or whatever UP calls their standard freight car color). Was this a standard and if so when was it used? The reason I would like to know about paint history is that our museum covers the period of 1930 to 1960 so when we repaint equipment we try to match the way it would have looked
within that period.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Joe Mann
Pacific Locmotive Assn.