Binding magazines


Hi Guys,

I know this is off the subject, but it is of value I think. I
periodically have my back issues of railroad magazines bound. I haven't done this for
a few years because all the binderies in Amarillo and Lubbock are out of
business. However, I recently found a great company in Waco, Texas that not
only does great binding, but at a base cost of $15/volume for Buckram
covers with gold imprinting! And they are fast! Total time from sending them
five volumes of Trains magazine from the 1940s to receiving them at my
house was less than 10 days. You can also get leather covers, page ribbons,
and just about any other bells and whistles you might like.

So if any of you are interested in this, you might want to contact Jim
Jasek at _
( He has a particular interest in railroad magazines (has a
specific webpage for them), and will also bind just about anything else you
have, such as comic books. It's nice to have someone with a knowledge of
railroad magazines. He called me three times to check various aspects of my
order just to make sure he got them right.

As an aside, does anyone know of a downloadable index to Trains? The
Kalmbach website only has a few recent years.

Jerry Michels