Neolube (was Re: Branchline reefer rolling resistance)

Tim O'Connor


You can actually slop it a bit into the coupler box -- it's totally
plastic compatible. But yes since I file my Kadee coupler faces I've
found the blackening improves appearance as well as performance. I've
also used it on delrin stirrup steps and brake hoses. It sticks and
dries to a flat weathered black color. Unlike paints there's no fuss
or clean up and my jar is still nearly full after a year of using it.

If only we could convince Sharpie to do "weathering colors"! I've used
my silver Sharpie on a couple dozen cars so far (for galvanized metal)
and it works beautifully.

Tim O'Connor

At 1/20/2010 01:20 PM Wednesday, you wrote:
While I don't think Neolube is good for trucks it is very good for Kadee
type couplers that are not plastic. Neolube on the brass spring and drawbar
of the coupler works (let it dry completely). It also good on the knuckle
face especially if you file or polish them. Again I only use it on metal
parts not plastic or metal to plastic contact.

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