SMMW's next HO kit will be ...

Jim King

While I gather info to create new SR wood caboose patterns, info already on
hand (thanks to the SRHA) for the SR 60000-series 50' gon will be used to
create the next HO kit. This car was built in 1953 and ran well into the
80s in revenue service and late 90s in MOW service. They wore Roman
lettering when built but are most widely recognized for the block lettering
hauling lime and other bulk commodities. A few even had the "O" in SOUTHERN
filled in with a green dot. A photo of this car will be posted on my web
site under "future projects" shortly.

The kit will be constructed per my usual process: 3D CAD-generated files,
SLA patterns, 1-pc resin body with separate underframe, hidden brass weight,
trucks, Kadee #58 couplers, decals and detail parts. Instructions will be
full-color, highly detailed step by step .. on a mini-CD.

This will be my first HO kit since getting back into the scale late last
year. Shipments are targeted to start mid-April, so don't delay getting
your prepaid order sent in (or wired).

Price is $45 each. Discounts are available if you buy 3-5 (10%) or 6+
(15%). Add $7 shipping per order, regardless of quantity.

Paid orders being accepted now. Send payment via check, money order or
PayPal (add 3.5% to the total, including postage, to cover their fee to me).
Contact me off-list to order and/or ask questions.

Jim King

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.