Dashes in PRR Car Classes (was Re: 40-foot FGE steel reefers)

Benjamin Hom

Dave Evans wrote:
"A late arriving SPF who knows not to use hyphens, but has actually encountered one or two official PRR documents with hyphens - don't tell anyone ;-)"

Dave, since you're late to arrive, I reference you to my post on this
subject made on June 20, 2006 (Message #55370):

"In the case of the Pennsy, I don't dispute the fact that PRR
documentation regarding car classes in truck lists, internal
memorandums, etc., is inconsistent, but the bottom line, especially
for modelers and folks restoring 1:1 rolling stock, what is painted
on the side of the car is ultimately what we have to go by.

I stand by my assertion that the Pennsy was remarkably consistent,
and if anyone can turn up photographic documentation of cars in NK3,
NK4, or CK with dashes in the car classes other than the group of
Class X43C boxcars built by AC&F, you're welcome to do so.
(Photomanips don't count.) With a total fleet of over 250,000
freight cars, you would think more examples would be documented.

I'm also aware of some cars painted with dashes in the car classes
after the changeover from CK to SK1 schemes, but very few in SK2 and
virtually none in PK.

My central point: the bottom line for most of us is what's painted
on the side of the car. I'm amazed at the number of folks who will
obsess over color, but will accept inaccurate lettering. We've got
enough bad lettering and incorrect decals on the market, and the
last thing we need is to reinforce something that just isn't correct."

Since then, I still haven't turned up any other PRR cars in NK3, NK4,
or CK with dashes in car classes, and no one on this list have
produced any photo evidence to prove me wrong. (And photomanips
still don't count.)

Ben Hom