Interesting Booklet

Randy Williamson

I just purchased a booklet published by the Brotherhood Railway Carmen of America titled "Car Anatomy Directory" Modern Box Cars. Published in 1920 it has exploded views of the following box cars and parts:

Wooden Box Car reinforced for modern service.
Double Sheathed Box Car with steel underframe and end.
All Steel Box Car showing Murphy Solid Steel Roof, Murphy Corrugated Steel end and National Corrugated Steel Door.
Creco Brake Beam Support and Safety Device installed on Cast Steel Side Frame Truck.
Camel No. 50 Bottom Supporting Door.
Camel No. 32 Top Supporting Door.
Common Arch-Bar Truck
The Foundation Brake Rigging and Air Brake Details.

Each exploded view has a parts brakedown listing every part used. The booklet also has all standard practices in use in 1920. Very fascinating book.