First 37 bound volumes of Trains Magazine

Andy Carlson

On behalf of Terry Wegmann and me, I wish to thank Mike Brock for his permission to post this message.

Terry Wegmann lives in a smallish apartment, and he does incredible work there within that little area. After years of enjoying his collection of Trains Magazines, he wishes to gain some really needed space.

Terry would like to sell his collection of the first 37 years of Trains Magazine, all bound in book style of binding in yearly volumes. The premier issue was published in 1940, and it is included in the 1st volume. All years are included, with no gaps; 1940-1977.

Terry would like to get $40.00/volume, and he does not want to break up the collection. He wishes to sell it all as one. Figure on $50.00 for UPS freight, which, if we are lucky, will travel by train.

The collection is in very fine condition and better. Terry is not on the net, so contact me if interested off-list (please) or at 805 646 3334.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA