Railroad Paper Dealers

Bill Welch

I continue to search for a copy or copies of the Southern Freight Tariff Bureau's (SFTB) Perishable Protective Tariff. I have reached out to several of the best Railroad Libraries and Archives but have struck out so far.

It occurred to me that the next step should be to try dealers of Railroad Paper. I have sent a message out to several already but realized the people on this list would likely have some suggestions.

There used to be someone from Atlanta and another person from Texas I used to see at the NMRA shows but do not have their names, if they are still in business.

Ordinarily I would ask people to respond off line but maybe others are interested these dealers. These tariffs related to commodities loaded into reefers which means it should be within the bounds of the group.

At a minimum i would need phone number or email address. Here is hoping some of you have some good suggestions.

Bill Welch