Spring Mills Depot to show off Pre Production M-53 at GSMTS

Ken Braden

Come one Come all to the GSMTS this weekend and see a pre-production
model of the Fox Valley Models M-53 Wagontop Boxcar.

That's right, come get all your questions answered as to "Is this car
really going to be that nice" BTW, YES IT IS!!!!

Come to the Spring Mills Depot tables to see the car and place your
order so you do not miss out!!!

The pre-production M-53 can be seen here www.smd.cc <http://www.smd.cc/>

Is the slack adjuster on the correct side? (yes)

Is there a rivet line where the roof curves over? (no)

Is this a car we have all been waiting for? asking for? questioning why
it was never produced? (YES)

Please support Fox Valley Models and Spring Mills Depot and purchase
these cars so more B&O specific cars can be produced.

Ken Braden
www.smd.cc <http://www.smd.cc>
www.fcsme.org <http://www.fcsme.org>