Georgia Steel Rebuilds

Bill Welch

I have a photo of Georgia 19663 from Bob's with black ladders &
background, doors and ends w/a reweigh of 6-45

Also GA 29345, another rebuilt type with Murphy paneled roof, 5
panels to each side of the door, joined by four hat sections members,
2926 cubic ft. capacity, rebuilt 9-24 with this same paint scheme.
The paint job appears pretty fresh, reweigh 1-56. This is a McCoid
photo in Fayetteville, NC 2-22-59. I have not sorted out the origins
of this car, but I think it may be one of the Georgia Pratt trussed
cars built in an untypical way. Another example of this type rebuild
is GA 29448 which is all BCR. This is a Paul Dunn photo, circa 1965
from Rich Burg.

The following are all BCR
19583 reweighed 7-56 High Point NC 8-12-56 Lloyd Moore photo
18765 reweighed 10-67 Bill Raia collection "For Kyanit Loading Only"
19546 reweighed unclear Bob's/Col. McCoid 3-1-1959 Fayetteville, NC

Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622

Clark Propst

I built one of the kits Ted put out. His info is vague on dates, saying the cars were rebuilt in the 1930s in BCR paint followed by the silver/black scheme.

Photos provided have BCR cars with reweigh dates of: 12-49, 7-51 both taken in 52 by Col. Chet McCoid, one dated 9-66 by CL Goolsby.

One Will Whittaker 7-63 photo of a car with all silver sides and a silver sided car with black doors and black behind the ladder that just says "Circa 1953" Charles Winters photo.

Clark Propst