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There is also NYC-Modeler.

Freight cars are sometimes discussed on this group.

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We are not sure how much the membership will embrace the modeling, but if they don't there won't be a Society in a few years. The people who worked on the NYC and occupy Board positions today will be gone in 10 – 20 years. If we can't get modelers interested, we will be gone.
There are two Yahoo Groups where you can get info - newyorkcentralsystem & BigFour Route. There will be a new one starting soon that will be of interest NYC modelers. It should be up and running in a week or so.
Thanks, Noel

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. . . We will only be as successful if we have articles from modelers. -Noel <

From a Midwesterner who is captivated by upstate New York and New England topography and history, I (selfishly) wish you high success. I moved on from the Boston & Albany (to the B&M and CV) as a modeling subject when I discovered how difficult it is -- for me, anyway -- to dredge up NYC information.

So, a question if I may: Do you have a membership that is now ready to embrace modeling as a way to preserve NYC history? Or, are you and a few others hoping to develop an interest in modeling that is, at the moment, lacking?

A few years ago, I posted a question or two about the B&A at the NYC-Railroad yahoo group and received zero responses. This, in combination with finding little other B&A information online, motivated me to leave the B&A behind.

(I have collected a large amount of B&A documentation from the Conrail era, but my modeling focus is the 1950s. Which means the double-track B&A is a problem for me. . . .)

BTW, is the NYC-Railroad the leading NYC information forum out there?

Thanks much,

Brian Chapman
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Thanks for the link. My membership is now pending (I'm always looking for Flexi-van info to add to the collection). None of the NYC forums appear very active. Noel and group's effort might change that . . . we hope.

-Brian Chapman
Evansdale, Iowa

There is also NYC-Modeler.
Freight cars are sometimes discussed on this group. -Paul <