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The problem with those technologies is that many people loan us images of the
prototype, for presentations, but for which they retain the rights. The
presentations are for educational purposes, otherwise they would not loan
them (i.e., "not for profit").

When people post images to big sites, they lose the image to the etherworld.

Here's an example: I gave a presentation on PRR's foray into the coil car
arena, for which many people loaned me images. One guy kept setting up a
tripod, and I then had to remind everyone that they could not record it, on
any media. He was obviously miffed, so I explained it.

I then noticed that when the room went dark, he attempted to do it again, and
was asked to leave. I was told later that this guy sells DVDs of
presentations on ebay.

Sounds like a good little small business operation, but he was making money
on images that other people own and could have also done so with.

We cannot risk enraging the people that support us through their generous
loan of their images, or we lose access to those images.

It's one thing when presentations focus entirely on models or contain images
owned by the presenter, but you have to watch it with proprietary imagery.

Elden Gatwood

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Darn Tim, I thought I was doing good to buy a digital projector for the
Marion Meet this year. Now you are wanting folks to tape the clinics and the
like and post them on YouTube!!!

Denis Blake
North Hamlet Shops, Ohio

2011 Central Ohio Prototype Modelers Meet, May 19-21!/pages/Central-Ohio-Prototype-Modelers
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Ya know... almost any smart phone can now take HD video & audio good enough
to post to Youtube. It would be great if the NMRA or just anyone would simply
"tape" each clinic and post it to Youtube. I'd LOVE to be able to travel to
Sacramento and attend the meet, but I can't. I'd be happy to make a small
donation to a fund that supported such an effort.

Same comment applies to RPM meets like Naperville, Cocoa Beach, etc. We (as a
whole) are slow to adopt these wonderful web-based sharing services.

Tim O'Connor

For those of us with a keen interest in the subject but are unable to
attend the convention, is there a way we can plug into the information
presented, maybe in summary form? Is there a Web site that might
present such information post-convention? Just hoping. . . .
Thanks much,
Brian Chapman
Evansdale, Iowa

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Al and Patricia Westerfield <westerfield@...>

Large venues are a necessity to acommodate both the attendees and the train show - usually a major hotel is attached to the convention center. Most of these venues are in large cities where unions have a vise grip on the convention hall. The NMRA usually pays the union members to sit on their asses so they won't impede the vendors from moving in and out. However, they cannot pay for special requests such as union labor for set ups, electrical or phone lines. Video taping is another claimed union specialty. You shouldn't be surprised that they reserve it for themselves or require special payment to do it on your own.
- Al Westerfield