Heinz Vinegar Tank Cars

John King

Winchester, VA, had three plants making vinegar from apple cider during the era covered by this list. One of them, the Heinz apple cider vinegar plant, was served by the B&O. Standard Brands had an office in town, but no plant of their own. Overland made a model of the Heinz car in brass; it has "issues" and, based on eBay prices when one shows up, some people think they are made of gold. Based on the responses to my original post, it looks like a Heinz vinegar car has never been done in resin.

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Operationally speaking, Vinegar production in the steam era was usually
associated with Yeast production, vinegar being a byproduct. So if you know
of a Fleishman or in later years, Standard Brand's yeast factory (there was
one in East Oakland, CA), odds are good they also shipped vinegar. Yeast
may not seem like much of a product, but every large bread bakery needed
plenty and so the bigger the city, the better the odds a Standard Brands
yeast plant was near. As for vinegar consumption, it wasn't just for
pickling cucumbers -- making Catsup calls for plenty too.

Dave Nelson

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If you look on Al's website you will find that Al produced a number of
pickle cars, but no vinegar cars. The Vinegar car that Sunshine produced is
so complex that even Ted Culotta had a time building it. He did a great job
with it, but it is not a kit for the newbie to build nor for the faint

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