something fishy about this tank car auction...

Tim O'Connor

Wish I cound find that loser and sell him mine! Back before Ebay changed
their policy you could see all the bidders and email them directly. Ebay
claimed it was a "privacy" problem but the more obvious reason for hiding
the identities was that once you knew the bidders, you could arrange a
private transaction directly, without Ebay's help (or their 15% share).
Heck, I'd sell him mine for half price - $350! :-)

Tim O'Connor

Veering dangerously close to off topic, but the bid history does not show that at all. It only shows actual, not auto bids. It is clear that the eventual winner's strategy was to submit incrementally higher bids in an effort to find the other bidder's top bid without committing to a larger bid than needed. It happened several times over the auction including the first time when the losing bidder did it to the winning bidder (and perhaps inciting the eventual pissing match)

Wish I had that much to spend on one tank car!

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

Allen Cain <allencain@...>

Obviously this is NOT a Brass model but a very special GOLD version.

Allen Cain

Paul Lyons

It ended awhile back. I watched in amazememt as these two guys just keep bidding against each other one bid right after the other! What eBay is all about, but I have never been that lucky.
Paul Lyons

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$709 ?????

Tim O'

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