Tight clearances on B&O, was, Re: B&O Circle T stencil



It is the designation as suitable for LCL service that is the key. The
reply was fixated on the Parkersburg Branch, but there were other
portions on the B&O that also had restricted clearances. Thus a box car
suitable for LCL service that was stenciled with a circle "T" had to be
able to travel anywhere on the B&O system without restrictions. A very
good example of the clearance problems still faced by the B&O even in
the late 1950s was their "custom" order for 40-ft, PS-1 box cars in 1957
with an interior height of 10-ft where the standard PS-1 nearly always
had an interior height of 10-ft 6-inches. And of course, some of these
brand new PS-1 carried a circle "T" stencil. Before 1960 essentially all
single door box cars on the B&O with an interior length of 40'-6" had a
interior height of 10-ft or less.


Bob Witt

> Jim Mischke wrote: "The circle T stencil meant that such boxcars
could go anywhere on B&O,
> the Parkersburg Sub was a limiting factor to be addressed."

Tim O'Connor wrote:

WHAT??? I have more than a dozen saved emails from Jim Mischke, Dave
Pat Wider, Ken Braden, others, including direct quotations from B&O
memos, going back 8 years, saying

circle T - fit for Timesaver LCL service (clean, mechanically

By the same token, a car stenciled this way was also able to travel
over the
Parkersburg Sub. But that was not the "meaning" of the stencil
according to
all of those other posts.

Tim O'Connor