Union Pacific B-50-39 BL 4 pack for sale

Andy Carlson

I have for sale a mint, still in factory shrink wrapping, Branchline Trains 4
pack of 40' single 6' door HO UP B-50-39 boxcars, built in 1947 with the as
delivered paint scheme. BL-T#1434. This is from the last run of kits BL-T made
of these, and came with metal wheelsets. All are differently numbered.

Also, 2 Mint BL-T Santa Fe HO 40' single 6' door Bx 44 boxcars. BL-T #1438.
Built in 1945 in as delivered scheme. One is "The Grand Canyon line"; the 2nd
one is "The Scout". These two cars are from BL's 2nd run.

List price is $100.00, less shipping. I am offering these 6 kits for $85.00 post
paid (with shipping Included). I will not sell them individually at this time.

If interested, contact me off-list at <midcentury@...> Thanks,
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA