Freight Car Surprise in Boston Harbor - Oops!

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The New Haven Railroad had float docks and float operations in Boston Harbor in the early 1900's located at the South Boston Freight Terminal. Operations were suspended by about the 1930's. I'm not entirely familiar with photos from this period, but I hazard a guess (ready to be corrected) the view is looking out towards the harbor with the Customs House to the rear of the photographer. Boston had many photogenic and impressive rail operations to offer at one time; for those interested, there was a mighty coal elevator operated by the B&A/NYC in East Boston and of course the B&M and NH lift bridges from North and South Stations respectively.

Guss I've got to learn to scroll. When this photo opened the
BRB&L passenger ferry came right onto the screen and surprised me to the extent that the floats at the right when one scrolls were not ever seen. And could the H.M. Whitney next to them be a "Coaster" from Bath, Maine where so many such vessels were constructed in New England? Sylvan Scale Models "Laker" must be of about the same size for anyone desireing such a model. Looking at the cars on the floats it is noted that those with readable lettering all appear to be either B&M or MEC cars. But what is the purpose of the floor level platform between the two tracks on each float? I don;t recall ever having seen such a platform in photos of other car floats seen over the years. Could they have been used to transfer l.c.l. shipments between cars while the cars were on the floats??? And note the lack of lateral roof walks!

Has anyone ever seen so many four and five masted schooners in
one photo in their life?

Cordially, Don Valentine