2012 Central Ohio RPM


The time for the 3rd Annual Central Ohio RPM is getting closer and closer. It will be held April 12-14 at the Historic Marion Union Station, located at Marion, Ohio. The station itself is a big part of the meet. With its display of authentic railroad items including model boards, AC Tower and an EL caboose it is a must see in itself.

We have a nice lineup of clinics as well as vendors and historical societies that are going to be present. The Marion Model Railroad Club, located on the property, will be open throughout the weekend.

The weekend will be a busy one with clinics, model displays, door prizes and a nightly slide/movie shows.

Set up and railfanning begins Thursday at noon. We will have dinner at The Shovel Restaurant around 6PM or so. This restaurant is located adjacent to the station. After dinner we will adjourn to a slide or movie show presented by local photographers.

Please be sure to bring your models, completed or NOT,for display. The cost is $20.00 for the weekend and we also have an extra fare, $5.00, cookout scheduled for Saturday evening. This is held when the meet is closed and before the weekend ending slide/movie show.

Proceeds for this meet are donated to the Marion Union Station Association and used for the upkeep of Marion Union Station.

We are working on our website and have updated it with a listing of the clinics that are scheduled. Please scroll down to get to the details for the Marion Meet.


Please be sure to contact me at dblake7@... if you have any questions with regard to the 2012 Central Ohio RPM.


Denis Blake
Meet Organizer
Central Ohio RPM




Ray Thibaut

Denis, and other interested parties
I can't wait for the meet.
I've put in for annual leave already, and I'm hoping to attend every day!
Last year's meet was so much fun. I think the best part is meeting other modelers.
It's nice to put a face with names you've read about in the model magazines.
If you've never been to Marion, Ohio you're missing out .
Marion has some of the best train watching in Ohio!
The "Charburgers" at the Shovel Lounge are mmm mmm good.
Check out some of the model photos on the website, there's some great modeling going on in the "Buckeye State".
You will receive way more than $5.00 worth of food at the "cook-out".
Last year we had the C.&O., P.R.R., Conrail, and Chessie System Historical societies in attendance.
Last year they gave away so many door prizes that every one got at least one item to take home.
Some lucky guys took home two and three door prizes!
Check out the Marion Model Railroad Club!
I guarantee you will have a good time, if you have blood flowing in your veins.
I heartily recommend the "Central Ohio Prototype Modelers Meet".
Come and meet "Blake" and his lovely "War Dept." you won't be sorry!
Ray T. "slobbering PRR freak"