Decal problems

John Hagen <sprinthag@...>

Andy has good advice there. Using Microscale Decal Film before applying will
help to strengthen any decal, old or new.

A similar problem hit for all the aftermarket printers, Alps and others
about a year or so ago. The supply of the decal paper (the blue backing, not
the film which is applied by the company marketing the paper) was bad. There
is very few makers of this specialized paper. A major supplier to the U.S.
(located in England from what I have been told) had a bad run. Even though
the coating/film would be properly applied the backing would not allow it to
release. The stuff came off in many tiny pieces. Applying Microsoft Decal
Film did not help. Nor would other overcoats. They would maybe make the
pieces bigger but... I did get some of it myself but the number of printers
complaining about it on the various Alps and decal printing groups confirmed
this to be a wild spread problem. Nor was age a factor as I bought it,
printed it and my customers used most of it within a month. Now maybe the
bare paper was old when imported but supposedly it was not. No sense telling
who I got my paper from as it was from two of the three vendors I use and it
had nothing to do with them anyway. Stuff on the market now is fine.

John Hagen

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Whenever possible, I now use Microscale decals even with resin kits that
provide their own decals. I have had a decal failure with Martin's once and
was unable to secure a replacement.
I coat all my decals with Microscale Decal Film before I start
cutting. I've been doing this habitually with MS decals since the 1980s
when they made the decal film product available. Any decal that comes from
an ALPS or is suspected of coming from an ALPS gets the treatment, and any
Microscale decals more than a few years old (which is virtually all of my
stash) also get the treatment. Nothing sux like dipping a logo decal you
only have one set of into the water and watching it break into 200 pieces
and float away, so everybody gets the film restorer first.

Microscale had a huge run of decals from the late 1970s that didn't have
enough film base on them - the LHS had a massive stack of returns. MS
never acknowledged the problem and blamed "user error" at the time, but the
LHS did replace the decals for me (not sure if MS took them back or
not). The decal film/restorer appeared on the market shortly after
:-) There's no doubt I still have decals from that period in my stash, IMO
guaranteed to fall apart if untreated.