Renumbering a Kadee Box Car

Andy Harman

I happened upon a Kadee Monon PS-1 at a show, price too good to pass up. Of course I didn't remember the number of the one I already had, but I would have bought it anyway. I rarely renumber rolling stock, and I've never tried to take the numbers or paint off a Kadee car of any type or vintage. I've generally found that the commonly recommended methods of old - Solvaset or alcohol - will often take off the base paint before it softens the lettering. I dunked a couple of Branchline PRR box cars and the red paint wiped off in the first pass, but the lettering stayed in place quite a while. So I've taken to just using very find sandpaper to take a pad-printed number off.

I have no idea what type of paint Kadee uses. It's extremely fine. Paint thickness is probably as good as it gets. A lot of people, myself included, were fooled into thinking the first PS-1s weren't even painted but just very nicely molded in color. But they are painted. Yep, I'm going to weather this car at some point... to an appearance that's off topic for this list, but I figure someone here has done some renumbering of Kadee cars.