Potential S scale rolling stock kits

Jim King

I created an extensive web page displaying prototype (and 2 HO model)
freight cars that I'm considering producing in S scale. The link is:


Following the SAL B7 boxcar, the SR 52'6" gon would likely be the first
offering simply because the HO CAD files already exist. The PRR X29D could
follow soon after the gon (yes, CAD files exist for that too but would take
some revision to create the X29B version). The rest of the cars require
100% new CAD work so THESE are the ones where the market interest really
needs to be thoroughly understood. The N&W hopper and PS 4750 grain hopper
are especially challenging (read: expensive to produce) because of the
ladders, steps and railings on the ends.

Please look at EACH image carefully .. click on the web image and it'll link
you to a larger image. If you are interested in ANY of these cars or cars
not shown, please email me to voice your vote. I will tally a reservation
list for each requested car and will sort all from most to least popular.
Just remember that 1 image does not indicate other prototypes. All of the
cars shown had multiple paint schemes and/or owners, especially the PS-1
boxcars, TTX bulkhead flat and PS 4750 grain hopper (TONS of private

These cars span revenue service dates from 1940 (ACF covered hopper) to the
present so I'm sure you'll find something of interest.

Let your voices be heard (by email) J.

Jim King

President, Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.

Ph. (828) 777-5619


Trainmaster, Craggy Mountain Line RR