Resend: Determining car dimensions from photographs.

Richard Brennan <brennan8@...>

With an embarrassing but thankful correction Re: Jim Tangney...
who was seen cruising The Train Shop in Santa Clara a while back!!!

[edited] Jim Tangney - MMR#65 from the Pacific Region, had a handout describing the manual method... using drafting techniques.
I'm not sure where my paper copy is... (box #n of many).

[Follow-up: another post referenced his article in RMC, May 1996 p. 70]

The newer way is to use a software program:

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

At 08:02 PM 1/12/2013, Scott wrote:
I saw in one of the historical society magazineshad an article on determining car dimensions from photographs.
It included the various math needed to figure out sizes from photographs. I thought I had bookmarked it but I guess not.
I understand I can get overall outside dimensions from the ORER but need to figure out all the detail stuff.
Anybody remember seeing it or know the mathmatical equations to use?