NYC 40 ft. AAR 50 Ton Postwar Boxcar Questions

Nelson Moyer <ku0a@...>

I’m detailing two of the NYC 40 ft. AAR 50 ton postwar boxcars from Branchline kits. I’m a CB&Q modeler, and my knowledge of foreign road freight cars is minimal at best. Research has revealed the following:


40 ft. AAR 50 Ton Boxcar Series 165000-165999

Lot 763-B built April 1948 by Greenville Steel Car Co.

10 panel sides

4/4 improved Dreadnaught ends

Murphy panel roof

4/5/5 improved Youngstown door

Apex running board and break step

7 rung ladders

Klasing hand brake

End tack boards constructed with four vertical boards; side tack boards have horizontal boards

Paint: Sides and ends freight car brown, roof and underbody black car cement, running boards unpainted (brake platform ?), edges of running board, running board projection beyond ends, and roof grab irons freight car brown.


I’ve heard that Klasing hand brakes are included in the P2K Mather 40 ft. boxcar and the Red Caboose Mather meat reefer kits, but they are not sold separately to my knowledge. Is there another source of Klasing hand brake parts?


Was the Apex brake platform painted to match the end or left unpainted?


Are placard boards with four vertical boards commercially available, or is the going to be a scratchbuild project?


Are there any other modeling details that I need to know about these cars?


The Branchline Blueprint kit appears to be quite accurate for this car except for the hand brake and end placard boards. Branchline supplies the ubiquitous Ajax hand brakes.


Thanks for the help.


Nelson Moyer