New Publication on Stock and Meat

Bill Welch

At the LHS today I spotted a new soft back book from Kalmbach by Jeff Wilson on the movement of Meat and Stock. As usual this is well illustrated. I did not have enough cash with me to include it with my purchase but will make a run tomorrow to get it along w/some other things I saw. I thought folks might be interested if they did not already know about this. I think Jeff does a good job with his subjects.

Bill Welch



I have had this softback for some time.  found it so useful I bought 4 BLI sound stock cars:)  You will really enjoy the book.  But, please let me know if this is new or a recent reprint.  the publishing date should tell all. Thank you

joel dethlefs  

Andy Sperandeo

I'm pretty sure that Jeff Wilson's "Livestock & Meatpacking" book in the Kalmbach Guide to Industries Series was published almost a year ago, in December 2012. I don't think there's a new edition or sequel on the market now. It is a fine, useful book. – Andy